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By Tobias A. Oelschlaeger, Jörg H. Hacker

ISBN-10: 1441933301

ISBN-13: 9781441933300

ISBN-10: 147574580X

ISBN-13: 9781475745801

This most modern quantity within the first-class Subcellular Biochemistry sequence is the 1st try to supply an in-depth assessment of the sector of bacterial mobile invasion. the present wisdom approximately all well-studied micro organism having the ability to invade eukaryotic cells is introduced jointly, together with micro organism pathogenic to people and animals in addition to the symbiotic rhizobia. a number of chapters additionally take care of new methods and functions relating to invasive micro organism.
The ebook, such as contributions from around the globe specialists, discusses bacterial invasion skill in the context of bacteria-host mobilephone interplay with the focus on pathogenicity.

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