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Disappointed but undeterred, the two continued their efforts to influence French policy toward keeping alive the revolutionary prospects of the two peoples. But before they could move from the periphery of French revolutionary politics to the helm of foreign policy and put their Belgian project into action, a dramatic shift in the exercise of revolutionary foreign policy was essential. As this drama played out against the backdrop of a growing counterrevolutionary threat, the Assembly would wrest control of foreign policy from the king, with advantageous results for Dumouriez and LeBrun.

From late 1790 to early 1792, therefore, both Dumouriez and LeBrun, working with the Belgian Vonckists and the Liégeois patriots, had independently developed clearly articulated plans for a mutual project for a united, independent, and democratic Belgium. In the spring of 1792, striking changes within the French revolutionary government would allow the two men and their allies to collaborate in the French foreign ministry and establish the liberation of Belgium and Liège as official French policy.

30 Although the Statists and Vonckists pursued their revolutionary goals independently, when Joseph II suspended activities of the University of Louvain and revoked the Joyous Entry of Brabant and the privileges of the Belgian provincial estates in June 1789, both, along with the enraged Belgian estates, determined on a final break with Austria. The Vonckists had already begun to actively plan for revolution at clandestine meetings held in Vonck’s home. -C. 32 By the summer of 1789, the society’s membership reached approximately 70,000.

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