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5-1-7 PLAYING BACK A VEHICLE'S TRACKLINE See The Vehicle Log setup window. 0311355 Issue : January 2002 5-8 Operating Instructions 5-1-8 SENDING A MESSAGE TO A VEHICLE See The Message setup window. 0311355 Issue : January 2002 5-9 Operating instructions 5-2 The Vehicle Log setup window The position of each tracked vehicle is logged into a daily file (unless you disabled this function when you installed the system with the INSTALL utility), with the julian day number as file identification. Selecting VEHICLE then LOG from the SETUP menu opens a dialog box that lets you select a daily log file and a vehicle and plot its trackline on the map in the graphic pane.

Any vehicle from which an alarm code is reported is viewed even though the "NO" option is selected for this vehicle (until you reset the alarm). FIRST WAYPOINT Initialization value of the individual waypoint counter attached to each vehicle tracked (by default: 1). This determines the waypoint number that will be assigned to the first waypoint transmitted to any vehicle. For a given vehicle, the waypoint number is incremented (up to 100) each time a waypoint is transmitted to this vehicle. It is reset to the current FIRST WAYPOINT value on any overflow.

To activate and save your settings, click APPLY. See also Watchdogs. By default, all tracked vehicles are monitored by the watchdogs specified in this Setup window. To ignore a vehicle, you have to enter it into the Identity Setup window with “No” as Tracking option. See The Vehicle Identity setup window. 0311355 Issue : January 2002 5-14 Operating Instructions • No reply Watchdog: This watchdog alerts you if the position of a vehicle fails to be refreshed within the time (seconds) you specify in the “Watchdog” field, for instance if no position message is received from the vehicle.

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